Family with noisy kid kicked off Bangkok-Koh Samui coach

A COUPLE with 2 children who were forced off an air-conditioned coach running from Bangkok to Koh Samui after the little over a year old boy cried for half an hour have safely reached the island, the Thai-language Matichon daily reported today (Jan. 9)

Mr Mongkol Thongboran and his wife and their 2 children reached Koh Samui at 9 pm last night, after relatives sent them money to catch a train to Surat Thani.

The family only had 25 baht left as they had to rent a room at a petrol pump in Cha-am on Sunday night, after being kicked off the coach in the middle of the night.

Mongkol said most of the passengers in the coach were foreigners, but his little boy cried and made a big racket for half an hour disturbing everyone. Some foreign passengers came to ask whether the small boy was sick, but he told them that he was just disturbed because this is his first long journey.

After that the 2 coach staff came and told them that they were dropping them at a Cha-am petrol pump, with the small boy’s crying preventing other passengers and the 2 of them from sleeping.

The little boy stopped crying soon after they got off the bus.

Mongkol said he would like the authorities to look into this because there are other families with children traveling on coaches too, and he would not like something like this to happen to them.


Top: Mongkol and his family after they reached Koh Samui. Photo: Matichon