PM Prayut says no one wants to mount a coup

PRIME Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said upon returning from EU-ASEAN Leaders Meeting in Belgium today (Oct 20, 2018) that Army Chief  Gen Apirak Kongsompong was only talking generally when he refused to confirm there will not be a coup d’etat, INN News reported.

The Prime Minister added that no one wants to mount a coup and urged the public to not talk about this subject.

Gen Prayut also said that he had told European and Asian leaders that there will definitely be an election early next year.

These leaders urged him to maintain stability in the country, with many of them mentioning that Thailand had implemented good trade and investment measures with the world giving the most importance to this field.

Regarding Thai Public Health and Justice ministries getting ready to suggest that marijuana be allowed for medical purposes, Gen Prawit said he had ordered all units concerned to consider and study how this could be of best medical use, especially in reducing pain.

However he urged the public to not panic because there will be laws in place if this is so allowed.


Top: Prime Minister Prayut talking to the press upon returning from Brussels. Photo: Thai News Agency