Officials crackdown on sale of dangerous firecrackers

WITH Loy Krathong festival taking place on Friday (Nov. 3) officials are rushing to suppress the sale and distribution of dangerous firecrackers especially giant-sized, ball and triangular shaped varieties with violators to be strictly punished, Thai News Agency said today (Nov. 1).

Pol. Lt. Col. Thavorn Phonkla, deputy head of southern Songkhla police station, said a team of police officers had already told shopkeepers to not sell huge firecrackers to children and teenagers to prevent loss of life and damage to property if large amounts are set off.

Dangerous firecrackers new

He added that this especially applied to ball and triangular shaped firecrackers as well as those shaped like dynamite which are still on sale at some places in this southern province. Policemen are also strictly checking whether these shops have sales permit.

Meanwhile in northern Lampang province Mr Meetha Roynawichit, the deputy governor for security, took a team to check shops selling fireworks in Mueang district with 3 of them permitted to so during the Loy Krathong festival with the krathong floats called sa-pao in this province and the festival taking place during November 2-4.

Even though no dangerous firecrackers were found the team again fully explained the issue to the shopkeepers so that they stick to the law.

Those found guilty of selling dangerous firecrackers face not more than 1 month in jail and not more than 1,000 baht fine or both. If in lighting fireworks others are injured, whether this occurred intentionally or not, the perpetrator will face criminal charges.


Top: Officials checking a big variety of firecrackers on sale. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: A policeman displays the dangerous ball-shaped firecrackers. Photo: Thai News Agency