Sex in the store couple chased

POLICE already know the identity of the couple that had sex at a  department store in central Saraburi province and are chasing them, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported today (Sept 28, 2018).

Police found out that the incident took place 2 weeks ago, with local police having been in to question this store’s management and being told that all the stores in their network keep security camera footage for 15 days, so this clip has been deleted.

In going to the store today police refused to let reporters accompany them, with the store management refusing to let any photos be taken.

Moreover the Technology Crime Suppression Division police have also been informed, and the website that shared the photos has been shut down.

Police said they are chasing this couple to bring them in for legal action because they set a bad example that impacts the society.

Meanwhile Pol Capt Phattraphol Phinthong, duty officer at Mueang Saraburi police station, said so far no complaints have been filed about the couple having sex in the store, with policemen who keep daily records also confirming that no one has been in to complain about the incident.


Top: Pixelated image of the couple making out in the store. Photo: