Powers poles fell in cars during last night’s storm

A LOT of damage was caused by last night’s fierce rainstorm which hit many areas with it being particularly bad in Nakhon Pathom where a whirlwind knocked down power poles which fell on both parked and passing vehicles, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 29).

At Nakhon Pathom’s Phutthamonthon Sai 5 Road the whirlwind tore off the canvass roof of a vehicle which then flew and got entangled in power and telephone lines by the roadside causing some power poles to first lean and then collapse on 17 vehicles leading to 7 people being injured.

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Natthawut Thongyoo,who was driving through this road on his way to Petchkasem road just when this happened said there was a very heavy downpour and strong gusts when suddenly he saw power poles starting to bend down so he parked his car and watched.

Electricity officials quickly moved in to change the power poles and high-tension power lines and hope to finish the task this afternoon.

Meanwhile a whirlwind accompanying last night’s fierce rainstorm tore off a part of the aluminum roof at Purple Line’s Bang Rak Yai station in Bang Bua Thong district of Nonthaburi province and dumped it on the road.

Station roof

Officials took five hours to dismantle and remove the last parts of the roof from the road and traffic is now flowing normally again.

Likewise in Petchaburi province a whirlwind uprooted several trees which fell and damaged some houses across many districts and also knocked down 15 power poles at Baan Pak Thalay of this province’s Baan Laem district leading to night-long power cut.

Officials are quickly making the necessary repairs and hope to get electricity flowing normally again by this evening.


Top, inset and below: Damage caused by last night fierce storm and the repair work under way today. Photos: Thai News Agency

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