Python enters cage with 50 cats inside.

The Sawang Rescue 35 Team in Samut Songkhram Province was notified on the 7th of this month that a Python snake had entered a cage with over 50 cats living inside the cage. The rescue team went to inspect the cage located behind the construction and industrial store


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The rescue team found a large cage made out of wood and metal. The cage was 10 meters tall, 4 meters wide, and 6 meters long. The cage had 2 stories inside with a metal roof covered with tiles. The 1st story was used as a bed for the cats, but instead of cats, there was a large python sleeping on the bed. The python was not able to slither away as it was too full to move.


The rest of the cats simply survived because the snake was too full to even move. The rescue team didn’t have a hard time catching the snake, they will be releasing it in the wild. The rest of the cats were hiding up on the 2nd story of the cage, sitting in litter boxes as they were too scared to risk sleeping beside the snake that ate their friends.


Tiamkae Boonchu 34 years old the daughter of the construction equipment store owner reported that someone gave her 4 cats 2 years ago. At first, the cats slept in a small cage, but people kept giving her cats. To support the number of cats that kept on increasing, Tiamkae built a cat home for them made from wood and metal support.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The cat home is also to protect the cats from running around the village and to protect the cats from animals and cars. Every day, the cats are fed and their sandboxes are cleaned to make sure that they are happy. There were about 50 cats inside the cage when the snake entered.


Last week she had just ordered the staff to make sure that there are no holes in the cage. Then today when one staff went in to feed the cats and clean the cage, a snake was sleeping on the 1st floor with an extremely fat body. Tiamkae thinks that the snake must have eaten at least 5 cats, she hasn’t counted to confirm the number yet as currently she is still too devastated.


FB Caption: The rest of the cats simply survived because the snake was too full to even move.


Source: Sanook