Rescue team turns on music for broken hearted man.

A broken-hearted man had a small accident and was rescued by the local rescue team in Nonthaburi Province. To help the man heal, the rescue team offered to turn on music while on the way to a hospital and the man asked for a sad song. The injured man was dancing along and he forgot all about the pain. A video showing the incident online went viral posted by Facebook page “Rescue team humans V.2” in Thai. The injured person got drunk after the girlfriend had just broken up with him. The rescue team turned on a sad song and the man started dancing as if he was having a great time, just like there is no pain at all. After he got drunk the man jumped on his bicycle and went outside, a taxi had run into him but he is now safe and sound. 


Credit: Sanook


The incident took place on 13 October 2020 when Mister A 48 year old decided to get drunk to help heal his broken heart. He jumped on a bicycle and started riding, after a while the man decided to carry the bicycle. Not long after a taxi slightly ran into him leaving the man injured on his leg. The taxi was not damaged so the driver didn’t want to press any charges. Padej Thednarintharaj a member of the local rescue team and other members went to pick up the injured person to deliver to the Bang Kruai Hospital. When the team arrived the injured person insisted he didn’t want help or to be delivered at the hospital. 


The police from Bang Kruai Police Station at the accident informed the man that if he is not willing to go to the hospital then they will take him to the police station until he calms down. A gave in and went inside the ambulance. The team asked why he was drunk and A told them of his love story. The team offered to turn on funny video clips but A asked for some sad songs instead. They turned on a song and right away the man started dancing while still laying down. This was his own way of healing the broken heart. A arrived at the hospital and is now safe but still healing from the heartache. 



FB Caption: The man started dancing in the ambulance as if he was having a great time, just like there is no pain at all. 


Source: Sanook