Retired teacher found after being lost in the forest for 3 days.

A retired teacher has been found after he went into the forest and never came back for 3 days. Teacher Jamlong is a retired teacher and one day decided to go look for puffball mushrooms in the forest. Getting lost in a forest is very easy and Thai forests can extend very far from the main road. Relatives are delighted and are thankful to the rescue team. The team successfully found the lost man. Teacher Jamlong is safe but will need time to recover as he was found in a frail condition. Related officials and villagers also helped search for the man and good teamwork led to success. 



Teacher Jamlong Keikan 63 years old went inside the forest to look for mushrooms on 18 May 2023 but never returned home. Going to look for mushrooms including puffball mushrooms is common in certain areas of Thailand. This is because it is a wild food that can help save money on groceries and are expensive to buy. Somsak Wacharatadapong the village chief along with Maewa National Park officials, local volunteers, and related officials help search for the retired teacher. The search teams started the search from the location of the last signal on the teacher’s phone. 



The last signal was on the morning of 19 May 2023. This was when he called his sister and stated he was safe. The call cut off as he lost signal and no further contact was made. Good news came on the 20th at 12.00 when volunteers found teacher Jamlong. He was found on Sapanhin Hill. The teacher was safe and had no injuries but was frail. Relatives and locals all felt relieved to see him safe. Jamlong had been lost in the forest for 3 days and 2 nights. It is not clear whether he will return to the forest and look for mushrooms again.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Teacher Jamlong went to look for mushrooms in the forest but never returned. 

Source: Khaosod