Sakhon Nakhon Airport reopens after four-day closure

SAKON Nakhon Airport is back in business after heavy floods forced a shutdown for four days since Friday July 28 with the first flight from Don Mueang Airport landing there at 8.05 am, Thai News Agency said today (August 1).

Officials had worked hard to pump the floodwater out of the runway after which they cleaned the surface and checked its strength while also ensuring that all the electrical systems were working well.

The director-general of the Department of Airports was on this early morning  FD 3511 flight which left Don Mueang at 6.55 am and gave flowers to all the passengers as they disembarked at 8.05 am.

People are already flocking in to take flights to various destinations with the first departure after this closure being flight FD 3511 at 8.30 am.

Within this northeastern city’s municipality zone floodwater has started to recede in some areas which led to the Provincial Electricity Authority releasing power in these safe stretches.

However some key roads are still under 40 centimeters of water and even as much as a meter in some low-lying sections because of inflow from Nong Han Lake.


Top: Sakon Nakhon Airport this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency


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