Soldiers raid gambling den in Lardphrao

SOLDIERS raided a hi-lo gambling den within a shophouse in Lardphrao 119 and rounded up 101 both Thai and foreign gamblers as well as gambling equipment, mobile phones and almost 200,000 baht in cash, Thai  News Agency said today (May 24).

Gambling equipment seizedAt 10 pm last night Col. Nopsith Sitthiphong-sophon, from the 1st Cavalry Regiment of the 1st Army Special Forces, led a team of soldiers to raid Sua Mongkorn hi-lo and football betting den at a shophouse in Lardphrao soi 119 in Bangkapi area.

The soldiers rounded up 101 gamblers from the ground floor with 48 being Thai men and 22 Thai women. Among the foreigners were 12 men and 19 women.

The soldiers also seized gambling equipment, two TVs,10 mobile phones and196,185 baht in cash.

Col. Nopsith said he took action after receiving lots of complaints that illegal gambling is taking place there. He and his team followed up and saw that people frequently went into this shophouse so laid a plan to raid and round up the gamblers.

No one has come forth to claim ownership of the shophouse or the gambling business and all the suspects will be sent to Lardphrao police station for further legal action.


Top: Gamblers troop out of the den raided by soldiers last night.

Inset; Gambling equipment seized by soldiers last night



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