Son of police officer attacks 64-year-old man.

The son of a police officer and his friends have attacked a 64-year-old man in front of a school. The group continued to act aggressively and followed the victims family to the hospital. The victim is now asking for justice from the public. Police Lieutenant Colonel Chaikrit Taorat from the Rayong City Police Station reported the case of Tawai Samosorn 64 years old. The victim came to file a report on 9 January 2023 against Attaya 25 years old. Attaya is the son of a local police officer in Rayong Province. The victim was beat up by Attaya and his friends in front of a school in the main city of Rayong. 



Tawai stated he came to pick up his grandson and parked in front of the school. The student got in the car and they were about to leave. Attaya had parked in front of Tawai’s vehicle. Attaya started backing up so close, the vehicles almost touched. Tawai honked his horn to let Attaya know this was too close. Attaya stopped the car and left the vehicle. He started yelling at Tawai sitting in his car right in front of the child. Tawai stated he honked to prevent an accident but Attaya was too angry and didn’t listen. Attaya started walking back to his car and showed the middle finger, Tawai did the same back. 



Attaya ran towards Tawai and punched him in the ear. He then opened the car door and pulled Tawai outside. Attaya continued to beat Tawai up by punching and kicking him. Tawai asked him to stop many times but it did not work until some teachers in the school ran out to help. Attaya then called 3 more friends who drove to the school and stared at Tawai. He thought they were going to attack him again. Attaya followed Tawai to the hospital and tried to start a fight with Tawai’s son. The family have hope that police will help bring them justice. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Attaya followed Tawai to the hospital and tried to start another fight with Tawai’s son. 


Source: Khaosod