Neighbour stole all of granny’s money, 6M.

A grandmother lost all her life savings after a neighbour withdrew all the money from her bank account. The neighbour went to prison for 45 days but has threatened to kill the granny if the news becomes public. Klaew 85 years old from Saraburi Province received help from her granddaughter-in-law Palita 59 years old. Palita contacted Khaosod News Team after discovering Klaew’s savings were all gone. A neighbour had tricked the granny into moving her bank account to a different branch and also opened an ATM card. The neighbour kept the bank book and ATM card.



This neighbour then withdrew over 5,500,000 THB. Klaew didn’t find out her money was gone until 1 year later. A report has been filed with the police resulting in the neighbour going to prison for just 45 days. The neighbour is now out of prison and has been threatening the granny to not tell anyone about the crime. Klaew is not afraid because she already has nothing left. Palita stated she wanted to borrow 10,000 THB from the granny. They went to the bank together and Klaew asked to withdraw money using her ID card as she didn’t have the bank book and ATM card. This is when they discovered all the money was already gone.



The bank employee stated the money was all taken out on the same day the account was moved to the new branch. The ATM card was used 284 times. Klaew and Palita went to file a report with the police and the case went to court. But the granny was out of luck when the neighbour was let out of prison. At first the granny had just 500,000 THB in the account. The neighbour gained Klaew’s trust and after moving the account Klaew put 5 million THB into the account that came from selling land. The neighbour has stated she will kill Klaew if anyone hears about what happen. If anyone asks where the money is, Klaew is supposed to say she hid it underground.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The neighbour went to prison for 45 days and threatened the granny to not let anyone know.


Credit: Khaosod