‘Sorry, I’m poor in maths’

SYMPATHY and encouragement poured in today (Aug 18, 2018) for an 11-year-old Thai schoolboy who had been under intense pressure in school for not being good in mathematics, Sanook.com reported.

The boy’s uncle found a crumbled piece of paper in which his nephew wrote: “I am just a stupid boy who can do nothing. I’d rather die instead of facing pressure in school.”

His note was posted on Facebook by a neighbor, drawing a lot of sympathy and encouragement from readers. “Keep on fighting, young boy. You are not stupid,” one reader wrote.

Another Facebook member wrote to his teacher: “Young students have different skills. If he does not like maths, teach some other things that he would like to learn.”


Top: The small boy’s touching note that led to sympathy pouring in.Photo: Sanook.com

By Songpol Kaopatumtip