Srinakharin-Bang Na heavily flooded

A RADAR at the Department of Drainage and Sewerage tracked the dark clouds that brought torrential rain from at 5 am this morning onwards with this moved from Samut Prakarn to Samrong, Bang Na, Prawet and Phra Khanong areas where they hovered and the continuing downpour triggered massive flooding and traffic congestion, reported today (Jan. 31).

The flooding was  particularly high on Srinakharin, Thepharak, Sukhumvit, Pu Chao Saming Phrai roads. Many cars braving the floods broke down on these roads, with some residents deciding not to leave home at all as the floodwater was too high.

The outbound stretch of Srinakharin road near Soi Bearing was particularly heavily inundated with traffic tailing back all the way to Udomsuk intersection.

Floods Bangkok 2 again

Traffic police also broadcasted that the flooding is very high near Bearing Station with this extending over both inbound and outbound stretches of Sukhumvit Road for 500 meters.

Traffic was also moving at snail’s pace across the bridge on Thonburi side, particularly from Wong Vien Yai all the way to Memorial bridge, which was flooded on both banks, and a special lane was opened to clear the tailback.

Floods Soi Lasalle

Bangkok Flood Control  Center reported at 7.30 am that heaviest rainfall this morning was in Bang Na area at 115.5 millimeters. Flooding at Srinakharin-Bang  Na area was 81.5 millimeters high, while at the drainage station in Bang Khun Thien it was 31.0 millimeters high and at Wat Bung Nong Bon inPrawet 15 millimeters.


Top in-text and below: The heavily flood Srinakharin road near Soi Lasalle this morning. Photos:

Floods Srinakharin