Stranger jumps on moving car asking for her child back.

A woman jumped on a moving car, when told to get off the car she stated her child was taken away. The driver was shocked when the woman suddenly jumped on the windshield of her white car. A video was shared online on 11 September 2020 from the car dash camera. The woman was driving in Soi Kao Petch, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province when a stranger jumped onto her car. The stranger tried to make the driver stop the vehicle. When the car slowed down the stranger jumped off the windshield and tried to open the doors stating that she was looking for her daughter. 


Credit: Sanook


The stranger claims that a white car had taken her daughter. She was looking for the white car and thought it was the woman’s car when she drove by. The woman had filed a report with the police as evidence. The woman posted online the video along with the caption “I was driving as usual when this woman jumped in my car. She pointed at me screaming. If this woman is dealing with mental health I advise the family to get her some medical help before the same incident happens again. 


Warning. This incident took place on the 9 September 2020 in Soi Kao Petch, Chonburi Province. I was driving to work when a woman cut in front of me (I don’t know who this is and have never had a problem with her). She climbed onto the windshield trying to damage my car, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. So I lowered the window and yelled for help from people by the road. The stranger claimed that her child had been kidnapped and her goal was to check every white car. I am still scared while typing this and have already filed a report with the police. As a warning to all drivers in Sattahip District, it was all very sudden. Be careful especially if you are driving alone. I apologize for the inappropriate language in the video”. 


Police Lieutenant Colonel Suparn Jaiharn from Sattahip Police Station reported that officials have received orders to investigate the case and to bring both parties in for an interview. Turns out the issue was just a misunderstanding. The stranger was looking for her child that went with a friend who drove a white car. She was searching for every white car in the area. The Sanook News Team contacted the driver who doesn’t want to talk about the incident. The video has been deleted from her Facebook account. 



FB Caption: The stranger claimed that her child had been kidnapped and her goal was to check every white car.


Source: Sanook