Stray bullet falls through roof, almost hits mother and baby.

A stray bullet falls through the roof and almost hits a mother and her baby. Although it is common knowledge that celebratory gunfire is dangerous, there are still people who associate celebrating New Years with shooting bullets into the sky. The mother was trying to calm her baby to sleep when the bullet fell on the floor right next to her. This is a New Year’s to remember for the mother as the bullet could’ve fallen onto both of them. The victim went to file a report with the police who asked for a picture to be sent through Line application. After she sent the picture, the officer didn’t even come to inspect the home.



Facebook user named Oil Aphitsaya posted about the incident stating she was putting her child in bed during the countdown when there was a sudden loud sound that came from the roof. When she turned on the lights there was a bullet and parts of the ceiling on the floor. She was shocked and called her father. The father picked her up before they went to the Panthong Police Station and filed a report. A picture of the bullet was sent to the police but no officers visited the home. Khaosod News Team went to the home in Panthong District, Chonburi Province. They met with Aphitsaya Raksasuk 25-year-old the victim.



Aphitsaya showed the news team where the bullet dropped into her home. The bullet came through her roof and the room light before landing right next to where they were sleeping at midnight. Homes nearby were celebrating New Year’s with fireworks so she decided to be with her year-old daughter. The victim states “I want to leave a message to those who like shooting into the sky to please stop. If it drops onto someone it can kill them. The bullet fell right where my baby likes to sit. We were really lucky that no one was injured. I hope the police helps track down who did this”.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Police asked her to send a picture of the bullet but they never came to the home.


Source: Khaosod