Free money for villagers in Udon Thani.

A millionaire in Udon Thani Province has handed out money to villagers for Chinese New Year. Over 5,000 villagers came to wait in line starting at 4 am on 21 January 2023. Khaosod News reported that villagers are very excited to wait in line for a red envelope. Some have been waiting patiently before sunrise. The kind millionaire is Pricha Chairat 73 years old from the province. Pricha is the owner of a sugar factory and a hotel. Pricha and Sawannara Chairat who is his wife along with other members of the family opened their home located in the main city of Udon Thani Province. The family handed out red envelopes to villagers in the area for the Chinese New Year. 



The family has prepared 10,000 red envelopes this year. They usually do this every year but stopped for 3 years due to the Covid-19 situation. As a comeback, they have prepared more red envelopes than any year. 2,000,000 THB has been separated into red envelopes. Pricha has done this for decades as it is a good deed to the community. Because of the 3-year absence the family estimate that over 5,000 villagers will line up to get a prize from the home. There are officials who have helped with organizing the lines. 



Villagers also get their temperature measured as a Covid-19 health safety measure. Pricha stated this is a celebration of Chinese New Year and how the people handled the pandemic situation. He has done this since young and wants to continue to do so. He wishes that all Udon Thani citizens have great wealth and health. His biggest wish of all is for Covid-19 to disappear from the province. He realizes many villages are struggling during this time. The red envelope will bring happiness to many. The millionaire also states that those waiting in line are not those in need but are all brothers and sisters. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: 10,000 red envelopes were handed out to villagers in Udon Thani. 


Source: Khaosod