Student’s cell phone melts during exam

A Facebook post which has since been deleted says the mobile phone of a male Ramkhamhaeng University student sitting for an exam melted in his jeans pocket and burnt his fingers and thighs, reported today (Oct. 25).

The Facebook user had posted photos of the melted cell phone which burnt the pair of jeans the student was wearing as he was sitting for this exam.

The post had said that the student’s mobile phone started giving off very strong heat and he could not tolerate it anymore so ran out of the exam room to the ladies bathroom which was just next to the doorway and with great difficulty pulled off his jeans because he had already burnt his fingers while taking the cell phone out of the pocket.

Health officials quickly rushed him to the hospital.

Student group explained that the reason this post was deleted is because according to the rules students have to switch off the mobile phones while sitting for an exam and either put it in their bag or place it under the chair.

The injured student was probably afraid of getting the examiners into trouble for being lax.


Top: The mobile phone which melted in the student’s jeans pocket yesterday. Photo: