Student’s palm pierced while climbing school fence

A TENTH grade student of a famous school in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, had his palm brutally pierced by the school gate’s spear point when trying to climb over this morning, Thai News Agency said today (Feb. 14).

Upon being locked out of the school after arriving late this student tried to climb over the two-meter high fence at the back of the school but slipped and fell with his left palm then being pierced through by the gate’s 30-centimeter spear point.

Injured student treated at hospitalEyewitnesses called in rescue workers to help and they used an equipment to cut the metal before being able to free the student’s injured hand and rushing him to hospital. He then underwent an operation but was conscious and able to talk before the surgical procedure.

Residents living in front of the school gate said this gate opens and closes on schedule everyday and that is why this late-arriving student had to try to climb over the fence but failed and got injured.


Top: The 10th grade student climbing the school fence before being injured by the gate’s spear point. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: The injured student at the hospital after the accident. Photo: Thai News Agency


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