Taxi returns 120K to Australian BusinessMan.

This story helps restore some faith for Thai taxis. A taxi driver from Roi Et Province returned 120,000 THB to an Australian Businessman along with some valuable goods on 3 November 2019.


Uthit Sanehha 49 years old returned a handbag to Holler Andreas 47 years old, a businessman from Australia. Inside the bag were EU bills,  USD bills, and THB bills coming to a total of 120,000 THB. There were also some other valuable goods in the bag. Holler had called a taxi from his hotel on 2 November 2019 on Silom Road. The hotel staff had placed his bag in the trunk of the taxi, Holler didn’t actually get to ride in the taxi but the bag did.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


Holler stated that at 13.46, hotel staff from the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G on Silom Road called a taxi for him to head to another hotel in Sukhumvit Soi 8. The hotel staff placed his bag in the trunk of the taxi. The staff then walked to the driver and asked whether he had change for a 1,000 THB bill, to which the taxi responded no. The staff then walked back into the hotel to get some smaller bills. The taxi must’ve misunderstood and drove away.


Holler was still standing on the road confused, he didn’t know if the taxi driver realized his bag was in the trunk. Inside was his passport, ID card, 6 Credit cards, 3 iPhones, 4,000 Euros, 1,000 Swiss Francs, 10,000 THB, and 30 USD.


Uthit the driver stated that he normally starts driving from midnight to 12 pm every day. But on the 3rd his taxi needed some repairs so he needed to drive to the taxi garage. At 9 am Uthit started to clean the taxi, this is when he found a black bag in his trunk. He was shocked because he couldn’t remember which passenger it belonged to. He only remembered that there were 3 groups of passengers who placed items in the trunk.


The first person is a foreigner traveling from Silom to Sukhumvit 26, the second was 2 foreign customers traveling from Sukhumvit to Jan Road, and the last customer was a local traveling from Mo Chit 2 to Sukhumvit 62. Uthit didn’t know what to do so he called the owner of the taxi garage and some other taxi driver friends.


Credit: INN News
Credit: INN News


He decided to open the bag to see if there was a phone inside incase the owner tried calling. At the same time, the taxi drivers received a call from FM 91 notifying the drivers that a foreigner had forgot a bag with valuables inside. Uthit knew this must’ve been the owner so he borrowed a friend’s taxi and drove to the radio station.


Uthit states, he never wants something that doesn’t belong to him. If no one called the phones inside then he was going to file a report with the police. When he saw the bag he just thought of how to return it to the true owner as fast as possible. He has been a taxi driver for a long time and had previously found 50,000 THB left behind by a passenger which he returned. Holler was very happy to get his good back and gave Uthit 15,000 THB as a kind courtesy.


FB Caption: Inside was Holler’s passport, ID card, 6 Credit cards, 3 iPhones, 4,000 Euros, 1,000 Swiss Francs, 10,000 THB, and 30 USD.


Source: INN News