Temperature drops to 22.3 degrees C in Lampang

THE Meteorological Department declared today (Oct 27, 2018) to be the first day of the cool season after the temperature dropped to 22.3 degrees Celsius this morning at northern Lampang province’s Hang Chat district as measured at the Agricultural Weather Station there with some areas being misty, the Thai-language daily Matichon reported.

The temperature was 23.3°C in Lampang city while in Thoen district it was 23.4 °C as measured at the Meteorological offices in both places.

The weathermen forecast that during October 27-30 the temperature will drop a little more in this northern province with lowest point being 20 – 24 °C while highest 31 – 34°C, with rain covering 10-20% of the area. On the mountain tops it will be as low as 8-10 °C with wind gusts of 15-30 kilometers an hour.

However it will turn colder during October 31-November 2 with the temperature dropping another 3-5 degrees to the lowest point of 13-18°C, with highest point being 27-30°C. On the mountain tops it will be cold to very cold with lowest temperature of 6 – 10 °C and wind speed of 15-30 kilometers an hour.


Top and below: A misty morning in Lampang. Photos: Matichon