Thai worshippers pay respects to spirit of Naga

TENS of thousands of Thais descended on a temple in the northeastern province of Udon Thai today (April 8) to pay respects to the spirit of a mythical giant serpent, or Naga, which they believe will protect them from harm.

Worshippers lighted jossticks and gave offerings to the Naga, which they believe once resided in the island in the middle of a lake in Bandung district of Udon Thani, the Thai-language daily Thai Rath reported.

Bandung District Officer Suvicharn Chaikomol told the paper that more than 100,000 worshippers are expected to visit the temple this year. Apart from worshippers, many visitors will make a prayer and ask the spirit of the Naga for winning lottery numbers, said the paper.


Top: The entrance to the Kham Chanot temple in Udon Thani where a mythical large snake, the naga lord Sisotho, is supposed to have once lived Photo:

By Songpol Kaopatumtip


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