Police chasing foreign graffiti vandals

RESIDENTS of northern Chiang Mai city are furious at graffiti being sprayed on the old city wall with a group of 4 foreign men identified as the culprits in a CCTV video clip shared by a community Facebook page, Sanook.com reported today (Oct 18, 2018).

The spraying of the words “Scougge Lee B” on the old city wall near the Tha Phae gate, which is an important landmark and a key tourist attraction, drew heavily criticism on the community’s Facebook page CM108.com with the authorities urged to quickly catch the culprits.

A video clip from a coffee shop nearby shows that at 3.59 a.m. this morning the 4 foreign men walked down then sprayed the graffiti on the wall and laughed.

Chiang Mai police said the municipality had already filed a complaint, and as they already have the video clip as evidence, they are quickly moving to bring this group of foreigners in for legal action.


Top: The graffiti besmeared old city wall. Photo: Sanook.com