Third wave of heavy rains lashes the South

MORE misery in Southern Thailand as several provinces have been hit by a third wave of heavy rains since early this morning (Jan. 16) in keeping with the Thai Meteorological Department’s forecast that there will be heavy showers during Jan.16-18, Thai News Agency said.

Floods in Nakhon Si Thammarat,newThe weather forecasters had warned government agencies in the South to be prepared for the third wave of heavy rains because this could again trigger sudden floods and forest runoffs.

That a new round of heavy showers has hit the Southern region is because a northeastern monsoon covering the South and the Gulf of Thailand has strengthened.

The Thai Navy has been using 70 water-propelling boats to drain floodwater in Nakhon Si Thammarat for a week now and Yanyong Kosonkan, head of a maintenance project in upper Pak Phanang area, said these boat are able to push water from Pak Phanang river into the sea at 7 million cubic meters a day.

There is around 300 million cubic meters of floodwater left over from the second round of rains and in the one week these boats have been working they have helped reduce floodwater by around 80 centimeters.

However the speed of draining also depends of the seawater level, he added.


Top: Poor visibility in Songkhla this morning after the province was again hit with torrential rains. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: A Nakhon Si Thammarat river already swollen with floodwater gets more rainwater this morning. Photo: Thai News Agency


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