Truck driver finds Melo pearl in bailer shell from the market.

The chain of luck continues for Melo pearl finders. The latest lucky man is a truck driver who went to buy seafood for his wife. The man saw bailer shells and wanted to try the shell for the first time so he purchased half a kilo. He boiled the shell and inside one of them was a round orange ball. A report has been filed with the police as evidence of ownership. The Khaosod news team received notification of another Melo pearl discovery worth millions on 10 February 2020. The team went to visit Montian Jansuk 44-year-old, Wasana Sangjan 44-year-old the wife, and the family.


Credit: Khaosod


Montian displayed the Melo pearl and the bailer shell. The pearl was kept inside a small box for safekeeping. The truck driver stated his wife wanted to eat seafood for dinner so he went to the Laem Chabang Pier in Si Racha District, Chonburi Province. While he was looking for seafood he noticed bailer shells being sold at 100 THB per kilo. Montian never had these type of shells before and wanted to give them a try. He purchased half a kilo for 50 THB and returned home. Montian arrived home and boiled the shells. After the shells were cooked he told the son to start cutting the meat. The son cut into something hard and thought it was a rock. Turned out it was a Melo pearl.


A report has been filed with the Nong Khaem District Police as evidence in case anything happens to the pearl. Montian is ready to get the Melo pearl certified and confirm whether this is his big chance to become a millionaire. Recently there was another man who found a Melo pearl while he was walking on the beach. He has received many offers along with a promise from a Chinese businessman to purchase the pearl for at least 10 Million THB if the pearl turns out to be real. People congratulated the man until a few days later when he was arrested for being involved in a drug case. Hopefully, Montian the truck driver will remain lucky so his family can have a better life.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Montian found the Melo pearl after buying seafood for his wife.

Source: Khaosod