Toilet explodes from septic tank.

A toilet exploded on 30 August 2020, the explosion left behind a hole in the roof, blew out the door, and one family member was injured. The explosion was likely caused by gas trapped in the septic tank. The local Sawang Nakorn Lampang Thammasathan rescue team was notified by the emergency line at 1669 about an explosion. The team headed to a house in the main city of Lampang Province. The team arrived at a commercial building. The first floor is used as a store selling cleaning equipment. One member of the family was injured in the incident. 


The injured person had bruises all over the body as a result of the explosion. The family delivered the injured person to the hospital before the team arrived. Inside the home was damaged from the explosion. The toilet was in pieces inside the bathroom and had spread to the kitchen right next to the bathroom. A door was blown away laying in the kitchen. A window broke and glass could be found all over the home. The tiles inside the bathroom were also affected. Dishes, cookware, and food were everywhere, the building was a mess from the explosion. The team went into the bathroom and noticed a big hole in the floor. 


Related officials were notified to come to find the true cause of the explosion. It is estimated that the septic tank had so much pressure from the gasses trapped inside it caused the toilet to explode. At first, officials thought the explosion was caused by a gas leak but officers from PTT Lampang came to inspect the kitchen and the gas tank was working as usual. Officials believe that gasses in the septic tank had leaked out to the kitchen and a spark started the explosion. Luckily no one was critically injured in the incident and the family member is on her way to a full recovery. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Beware of septic tank gasses leaking into your home. 


Source: Sanook