Tough action nets 190 motorbike racers in Samut Sakhon

TOUGH action by Samut  Sakhon governor led to 190 teenage and youth motorcycle racers being taken into custody and 110 motorbikes seized last night, Thai News Agency said today (June 18).

Samut Sakhon Governor Prapat Malakarn kicked off  “Singh Sakhon”  or  Sakhon Lions drive yesterday to suppress motorbike racing on public roads by youths and teenagers with the new strategy leading to racers being apprehended upon gathering with their bikes on the roads even though they had not started racing yet.

Samut Sakhon one

Acting according to this new strategy police from five Samut Sakhon stations apprehended 190 youth and teenage bikers and pillion riders of whom 36 were below the age of 18. The 110 motorbikes they seized were taken to a police station to be checked.

All 190 now have a police record posted against them but guardians of those below 18 years of age were required to acknowledge the charge against their children before they were released.

Those over 18 years of age had to submit motorbike ownership papers to verify whether these were in order or not and police  also checked whether these bikes had been souped up and whether the owners had broken any other laws on motorcycles if so legal action would be taken against them.


Top: A few of the young motorcycle racers taken into custody in Samut Sakhon  last night. Photo: Thai News Agency

First inset: Samut Sakhon police watch over lots of motorcycles and their racers last night. Photo: Thai News Agency



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