Trailer-truck kills 7 workers sitting by the roadside

SEVEN workers sitting by the side of the Motorway next to a parked pickup truck and a truck with a burst tire were killed after a trailer-truck slammed into the vehicles and them, reported today (June 2, 2018).

The gory accident occurred at Kilometer 57+800 of the Motorway inbound to Bangkok yesterday and aside from the 7 workers who died, 4 others got injured and were sent to the hospital.

Police investigation showed that the truck carry metal rods registered in central Nakhon Phathom province parked by the side of the Motorway after a tire had burst. Parked behind it was the pickup truck that was accompanying it and next to the vehicles were seated some workers.

All of a sudden the trailer-truck rushed towards them at high-speed and first slammed into the pickup truck, then swept up the workers and bashed them against the parked truck heavily laden with metal rods, killing the 7 workers and injuring the other 4.


Top and below: Scene of the gruesome accident in which 7 workers died. Photos: 34110807_1787858217939853_6588701267692879872_n_1527926135