Truck falls 10 meters, driver and passenger survive.


A truck carrying fruit was involved in a road accident and fell 10 meters from the toll way onto  the ground below. The truck is beyond repair but both the driver and his wife survived. It is truly a miracle that they both only received minor injuries. Witnesses who saw the accident all reveal it is incredible the couple have survived. Both had their safety seatbelts on and the airbags functioned properly. The couple believe the miracle is thanks to a famous monk in Thailand. The Samut Prakan Police received notification of a truck that fell off the tollway. The local rescue team was notified on 29 September 2021 right after the incident took place at 11.20. 


The police and the local rescue team went to the location and found a gray truck crushed on the ground. Surrounding the truck was the fruit that the truck was carrying. The driver is Somchai Traipom 34-year-old and the passenger Renu Chumjungrid 42-year-old. Both received minor injuries and are in good condition. Somchai stated they picked up fruit from Chanthaburi Province and were heading to Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. They were driving on the tollway when there was an accident and traffic was forming. Somchai decided to exit the tollway but when he arrived at the curve Somchai lost control of the vehicle and drove off the tollway. 


After the car crashed they both were awake and climbed out of the truck. Somchai stated they both had their seatbelts on and the airbags worked. The couple believe this fact along with the power of a famous monk in Thailand helped save their lives. The local rescue team confirmed that they both are ok with just very minor injuries. The truck had fallen off 10 meters and landed on the side, but still both passengers climbed out like it was just a small accident. This incident helps remind us of how important it is to always wear our seatbelts and make sure the airbag safety is functioning properly. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The truck is almost unrecognizable but both the driver and his wife survived with minor injuries. 


Source: Khaosod