Uncle fakes seizure to avoid paying for alcohol.

An uncle has been caught to fake seizures after the bill arrives for his drinks. He uses this method to avoid paying for alcohol, food, and even the bus fare. Kittipong Pimpun a volunteer from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation Rescue Team in Klong Tan, Bangkok revealed to Khaosod News about the uncle. The rescue team discovered he was faking a seizure inside a bar. Kittipong realized his uncle, a bar manager, told him about a man who would fake seizures in 2022. As soon as the rescue team arrived and gave him some ammonia to breathe he would wake right up, the same happened this time.


The team received more notifications of a man seizing at multiple entertainment businesses in Bangkok. He started to see more and more of this uncle so Kittipong asked to see his ID and it was Manop, the same uncle everytime. Kittipong stated after leaving the bar the team received notification of someone trying to jump a bridge. He went to the location and it was Manop again. The volunteers managed to calm him down and the uncle was safe. He also faked a seizure while on a bus to avoid paying the bus fare.


The latest fake seizure was on 20 October 2023 at a bar in Ladprao 94. Kittipong wants a bar owner to press charges because this uncle has done this many times, each time he is able to avoid 2,000-3,000 THB bills. The uncle has begged some businesses to let him go before. The uncle lives with his aunt who had to deal with the bill before to get him out of trouble with the police. Kittipong stated “There was a time when Manop stopped us from being able to help actual emergencies. We had to ask for help from other rescue teams further away. I am asking the uncle to stop faking seizures just to avoid paying. One day he might need real help but because of his past actions, no one will believe him. I advise businesses to add him to the blacklist”.


Credit: Khaosod



Credit: Khaosod