University Prof. DUI, 3 injured.

The Phra Pradaeng Police in Samut Prakan Province received notification of a vehicle driving into a police motorbike and a food truck by the road.  There were 3 injured persons, an elderly woman, and 2 policemen. A rescue team from the Ruamkatanyu foundation delivered the injured to Bangpakok 3 Hospital. Police Colonel Prathan Nantakopkul and other related officers from the station went to inspect the accident.


Credit: Sanook


Officials arrived at Suksawat road near Suksawat 47 and discovered a police motorbike lying on the road and 2 injured officers. 10 meters away was a Bronze colored car with scratches on the front. Not far from the car was a white food truck that sells fresh milk and desserts. The driver of the bronze car is a 48-year-old University Professor. The first injured officer is Police Senior Sergeant Major Kiatisak Kongpetchsak 47 years old the driver of the police bike and Police Lance Corporal Satapat Singhayotha 24 years old, both are stationed at Phra Pradaeng. The injured civilian is Odd 70 years old the owner of a restaurant by the road. She was working as usual when the Bronze car drove into her.


Officials asked the University Prof. to come out of his car but he seemed to be still drunk and won’t leave the car. Finally, he came out and officials took pictures of the accident along with checking the security footage before moving his car to the station. Police invited him to the Police Station but the Prof. insisted on waiting for his sister. Officials asked the driver to take a breathalyzer but the Prof. tried to drive away using his sister’s car. An officer tried to stop him because he was still drunk and this is when a heated argument started between the sister and the police.


Credit: Channel 3


The sister stood between her brother and the police while people started to come to watch. Pol.L/C. Satapat one of the injured officials stated that they were on they received a notification and were on the way to inspection when the car drove directly into their police bike from behind. The motorbike flew 20 meters away while the two fell onto the road. The Prof. alcohol level was at 161 mg/dL, well above the legal limit.


The sister filed a report that the police officer in the picture physically abused her and so did the officer. There are 2 main incidents here, 1. The drunk driving that caused injury to 3 persons and other damages, and 2. The argument that took place when the Prof. was asked to take an alcohol test.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The Prof. tried to drive away his sister’s car when asked to take a breathalyzer test, shortly after the sister started arguing with the police.


Source: Channel 3 News, Sanook