Victim offers pick-pocket more money for wallet back.

A pick-pocket victim has offered the pick-pocket more money in exchange for the return of her wallet. The woman has filed a report with the police but there were no updates so she tried to take things into her own hands. The victim decided to post on Facebook sharing her story about a pick-pocket incident. The wallet that was taken holds sentimental value and she does not wish for the money back. She contacted the police but they said she couldn’t file a police report. The victim managed to collect security footage by herself but the officials still stated she could not file a report.


She started to give up but her wallet was very important to her so she decided to make a post online. The victim posted “To the pick-pocket, please get in touch with me. I am ready to transfer you more money and delete this post. It is too hard trying to file a report. I have given up. Can you please contact me? I am willing to give you money and help with any debt you have. I am a social worker and I am always ready to help you”. The pick-pocket is very lucky to have a kind victim. She only wants her wallet back and is willing to help the pick-pocket deal with his problems as she is a social worker.


The incident took place on 17 December 2023. She went to note the incident at the police station and used that document to ask for the security footage. This is when she received confirmation that it was stolen and not lost. She tried contacting the police officer who noted the incident but never received an answer. Then she collected more security footage from nearby stores the day after. On the 19th she received notification that her card was used. On Christmas, the police called her to ask if she found anymore information. The victim was confused as she thought this was their job. She tried a police report on the 26th was was informed the police officer responsible for her case was not there. She has been to the station 4 times but nothing has been updated.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The victim wants to help the pick pocket with his debt.

Credit: Khaosod