Wildlife smuggling gang arrested, Tamarin Monkeys and Kangaroos.

A wildlife smuggling gang has been found with Tamarin monkeys and Wallaroo Kangaroos. A suspect revealed he receives 500 THB per crate as payment. Officials from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment arrested Ekdanai Wangmamad 36 years old and Alpha 33 years old from Myanmar on 26 December 2023. Police also seized evidence including 4 Tamarin Monkeys and 6 Kangaroos in Tak Province. Police received information about wildlife smuggling taking place in Tak. The smugglers plan to smuggle the animals from Thailand into Myanmar.


Related officials from the Ministry were notified and started an investigation to find the persons responsible. Officials waited near the border and spotted a suspicious vehicle parked 200 meters from the Moei River. The two suspects were seen carrying plastic crates down from the truck. Officials presented themselves and searched the vehicle. Inside were controlled animals but there were no licenses for any of them. None of the animals had import or export documents. The two suspects were arrested on the spot.


The 2 suspects admitted they were hired by a man named Jimmy from Nepal to move the animals into Myanmar using the natural passageway. Jimmy had paid 500 THB per crate to smuggle the animals across the border. The suspects are facing charges related to animal smuggling, possession of controlled animals, and more. Tamarin Monkeys are in CITES as endangered animals and must be protected to prevent extinction.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The suspects had been hired to smuggle the animals across the border into Myanmar.

Credit: Khaosod