Website exposes restroom corruption

THE Thai online world is eagerly reading an account of restroom corruption in southern Nakhon Ratchisima province exposed by a club against corruption with this particularly public toilet having already been transferred as fully completed but in fact does not have power lines on piped water, the Thai-language daily reported this evening (September 2, 2018).

The post and accompanying photos published on the website Chom Rom Strong Chit Phor Phieng Tarn Thucharit (A strong, self-sufficient club against corruption) says that a budget of 7,874,500 baht was used to improve the landscape and restrooms in Lan Saka district to spur the economy and promote tourism.

However the restroom shown in the accompanying photos, which has been transferred as completed, amazingly has neon light tubes but no power lines, flush toilets but no piped water and badly installed old-fashioned wash basins.

The writer underscored that the biggest issue is that this restroom has been handed over as fully completed.


Top in-text and below: The restroom with no piped water or power lines. Photos: Matichon

Rest 2

Rest 4