Westerner swims out to save drowning pigeon

A VIDEO clip showing a westerner swimming out into the sea in Pattaya to save a drowning pigeon is going viral on Thai social media with his heroic deed lauded as a good example to Thais, Thai News Agency reported yesterday (Feb. 12).

Shared by Facebook page owner Bang Nif Khao Noi Soi Nern, the 57-second video clip comes with accompanying text saying that the westerner taking his shirt off and swimming quite far into the sea to save the pigeon, which had flown from the beach and fell into the water for some unknown reason, shows that even a small bird’s life is valuable, and if we can help we should do so.

He added that this foreigner’s heroic action is a good lesson for Thais, because he thinks this small bird is worth helping but in Thailand a black panther has just been shot dead.

Last week Italian-Thai Development Plc President Premchai  Karnasuta and his party were arrested on the charges of hunting wild animals at a sanctuary with the skin of a black panther being found with them.


Top: The foreigner saving the small pigeon which was drowning. Photo: Thai News Agency