Wild elephants visit BBQ restaurant everyday.

Wild elephants have been visiting a local BBQ restaurant in Nakhon Nayok Province every day. Many customers visit the restaurant just to take pictures of the elephant. 2 elephants regularly visit the restaurant. On 18 January 2021 one of the elephants visited the restaurant as usual but a table got scared and started running away. The owner confirms these elephants only walk past his restaurant and have never harmed a customer. The Khun Dan Moo Krata Pork BBQ restaurant is located in the main city of Nakhon Nayok. The restaurant is located by the road with a lot of regular customers.


The customers were grilling pork as usual when a wild elephant started walking down from the hill towards them. The customers were frightened and decided to run away in fear of the elephant. One of the customers who were scared stated she was sitting at the table with her family. After sitting for a while she noticed an elephant walking towards her, everyone at the table started shouting “elephant, elephant”. The customer got scared as she has never seen a wild elephant so up close. She decided to record a video but as the elephant got closer it noticed the people and walked back into the forest.


Jinwimon Mahasap the restaurant owner believes these elephants smell the BBQ and are just searching for food. As they come closer and notice there are humans, the elephants just walk away. Jinwinon reveals 2 elephants regularly visit his business, one is named Plai Sarika and the other is called the one tusk elephant. The one with only one tusk visits the restaurant almost every day before walking into the forest. Many customers at the restaurant heard about the elephants and decided to visit the restaurant just in case the elephants show up.




FB Caption: The wild elephants come looking for food, once they notice the customers they just walk away.


Source: Sanook