Win drivers fined 1K each and 3K for damages after attacking Grab driver.

Win motorbike drivers strike again as they gang up and attack a Grab bike driver that came to pick up a customer in Sukumvit 48, Bangkok City. A Facebook User named Amittaa Phongsawat shared the incident online. The post shows 3 Win motorbike drivers ganging up on the Grab driver who is wearing a black jacket in the pictures. The Win drivers used a helmet to hit the Grab driver over and over on his head and his body.


Amittaa captioned the post “This happened in front of a condo on Sukumvit 48. I called a grab driver to go to the gym as usual. There were 3 Win drivers who followed the Grab driver. One of them drove in front of Grab’s motorbike and blocked him off. Then they started to attack him and didn’t stop even though it was clear that the Grab driver did not want to fight back or take matters further.


Police Colonel Kritsana Pattanacharoen reported that the video that went viral online showing 3 Win motorbike drivers attacking a Grab bike driver has been seen by the officials. The Khlong Tan Police Station stated that at 8.30 am the Grab bike driver came to pick up a passenger in front of Life Condo in Sukumvit 48. This is when a Win motorbike number 26 belonging to the Sukumvit 48 Win Station drove in front of the Grab driver and blocked off the road. The Win driver yelled to the Grab driver not to come into the road, the Grab driver answered back. 2 more Win drivers came and together the 3 attacked the Grab driver.


Credit: INN News


The Grab bike driver went to file a report with the Khlong Tan Police after the attack. All 4 involved in the fight were called in for investigation. Officials have taken the Grab driver to the hospital and the 3 have been charged a fine of 1,000 THB each and another 3,000 THB for the damages. The Grab bike driver was also breaking the law as the motorbike used is not registered as a public vehicle, punishment is a fine not exceeding 1,000 THB or imprisonment not exceeding 1 month, or both.


FB Caption: The Win motorbike drivers were wrong to gang-up on the GrabBike driver, but the GrabBike driver was also breaking the law for using a private vehicle to pick up passengers.


Source: INN News, Facebook User: Amittaa Phongsawat