Wisanu: Back off on a meeting with Thaksin in Hong Kong

DEPUTY Prime Minister Wisanu Kruea-ngarm today (Oct 8, 2018) urged the press to not focus on Pheu Thai Party members flying to Hong Kong to meet former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to talk about selecting their party leader, pointing out that there is nothing illegal about this, Thai News Agency reported.

Reporters were told that they should not reach the conclusion that when these politicians buy air tickets to go abroad it is only to go there to talk about issues currently in the news.

Wisanu deputy prime minister

They could be going there to do other things such as shopping or just stroll around and eat out in Hong Kong, he said.

Mr Wisanu added that in order to do something legally wrong there has to be a clear intention to do so. Just buying air tickets to go to Hong Kong, Dubai or Montenegro is not something strange, everyone has the freedom to travel.

“Even if they meet Khun Thaksin, I don’t see anything problems with that. Don’t analyze whether Khun Thaksin dominates the party – whether it is legally right or wrong is one issue but whether it is right or wrong is another,” he added.


Top: Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Photo: CNN

In-text: Wisanu talking to the press about former prime minister Thaksin. Photo: Thai News Agency