Woman attacked by auntie at sky train station.

A woman has been attacked by an unknown auntie at Udom Suk BTS Station. The victim revealed no one attempted to help her and the auntie disappeared on a bus after the attack. Facebook User Chanarnun Hulanond shared her story at 10.00 on 10 January 2020. The victim was physically attacked by an auntie estimated to be 40-50 year old near a bus stop by the station. Chanarnun stated the auntie walked towards her before shouting at her. She was scared and started to run away. The auntie kept on following her and pulled her hair.


Credit: Sanook


Chanarnun fell to the ground and tried to stand back up. When she finally did the victim quickly jumped into a taxi that was parked by the road. She stated in the post “I feel really bad because there were a lot of people standing there. All of them made space for the woman when she started attacking me. They all just walked away and made it easier for her to hurt me. No one even tried telling her to stop. The taxi driver told me he saw what happened, but he just assumed we knew each other and it was a private incident. The point is, even if we knew each other, it’s considered ok to hurt others?”


Chanarnun has injuries on her hands and knees. The auntie also stepped on her glasses and phone, breaking both items. She asks netizens to send in any videos or pictures of the incident. A report has been filed at the Bangna Police station. Security footage from the nearby convenience store is extremely blurry and the auntie was wearing a mask and a hat. After attacking the victim she quickly jumped on a shuttle bus and disappeared. Chanarnun further states “I want to know who she is, so she doesn’t harm anyone else. If she is crazy then she should receive help. Please help share this post, thank you”.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Chanarnun revealed no one helped her and they all walked away while the attack was happening.


Source: Sanook