Wheel-clamped aunt in fierce road rage

A 69-year-old woman stunned onlookers at Chiang Mai airport by ramming her wheel-clamped pickup truck at a security official, then hitting altogether 4 other vehicles, Thai News Agency reported today (August 21, 2018).

Police said this woman seriously injured an employee of a private company in charge of security and traffic flow at the airport when she drove her wheel-clamped pickup truck straight at him.

After that she slammed into the vehicle parked in front of hers and those coming down the side, hitting 4 vehicles in total.

Her relatives told police that their aunt accepted all the wrongdoing and is willing to pay compensation, while also apologizing for  injuring the security official. They explained that she is suffering from a memory disorder.

Police told them to produce a medical certificate to confirm this illness. If this checks out then they would ask the court to seize her driving license, but another round of questioning would have to take place.


Top: The elderly aunt at the police station after her road drama at Chiang Mai airport. Photo: Thai News Agency