Woman killed in strange accident in Bangkok

A 25-year-old Thai woman was killed this morning (May 13) in a strange accident near a department store in Bangkok, sanook.com reported.

Tree in Chitlom fallsThe woman was on her motorcycle waiting for traffic lights to change when a big tree suddenly fell on an electricity pole, which crashed on to the road, killing the woman instantly.

An eyewitness told police investigators that there was no storm in that area. “The tree suddenly fell onto a power pole, which subsequently pulled down five more poles,” he said.


Top: One of the six power poles that crashed on to the road in Chitlom area this morning killing a woman. Photo: Thai  News Agency

Inset: The big tree which suddenly collapsed and knocked down a power pole which when falling pulled down five more poles. Photo: Thai News Agency

By Songpol Kaopatumtip



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