Woman kills husband after fight over money

A FOOD vendor who enraged her husband by demanding that he return some money he had borrowed from her shot him dead after he screamed and hurled insults at her last night, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 7).

At 7.30 pm Pol. Capt. Rom Anukhraw, deputy investigation head at Thap Sakae police station in Prachuab Khiri Khan province rushed to a house where the fatal shooting took place and found Sanong Meewang, 58, lying dead on the floor in the front yard with a bullet wound in his left temple while his wife was waiting to surrender to the police at a nearby house.

Police found out that Sanong’s 54-year-old wife who sold baked sticky rice stuffed in bamboo in front of the house had asked her husband, with whom she had lived for 26 years and had a daughter, to return some money he had borrowed because she needed it to buy bamboo.

However Sanong lost his temper and smashed a glass bottle and then went inside and grabbed a knife which he swung around. His wife told the police that she chucked him out and he went and sat at his sister’s house nearby and continued shouting and verbally abusing her from there.

She said she lost her temper and went in and grabbed a .22 pistol and intended to fire a warning shot but the bullet hit his temple.


Top: Sanong lying dead in front of his sister’s house. Photo: Thai News Agency




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