Woman stuck in bathroom for 3 days.

A woman was locked inside her own bathroom for 3 days. She was alone and no neighbors heard any noise but luckily she is now safe. The woman believed she was going to die and wrote a note on the bathroom wall using cream as her last message. She revealed tap water was the only thing that kept her alive. Police broke into her home and saved the woman after she was locked inside for 3 days. The incident took place in Phra Kanong District, Bangkok. A neighbor stated later to Khaosod News on 26 Aug 2022 that he never heard any banging or a single sound from the woman’s home. 



The homes are all connected but the walls are thick and the screaming for help was not loud enough. Usually he would hear some noises from the home but for the past 3 days it was total silence. The woman is around 50 years old and keeps to herself. They would smile at each other but never had conversations. Another man named Q who also lives right next to the woman stated no one in his home heard any sounds from the woman’s home during the 3 days. He didn’t realize what happened until yesterday when police asked to enter his home to enter the woman’s home through the back. 



The plan didn’t work and police had to enter through the front of her home. Usually he would hear sounds from her home depending on what she was doing. It is a surprise to how no one heard her screaming for help and banging the bathroom door. She usually lives alone and doesn’t talk to neighbors much so no one thought anything when they didn’t see her. The woman wrote on the bathroom wall stating “I got locked in here on 22 August and cannot leave. If I die, can Lek please take care of my inheritance. As for Took’s part please give it to Tua, Toon, and Tum. I have been drinking tap water to keep alive. When the water runs out is when I will die. I have banged and scream but no one hears”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The woman believed she was going to die and wrote on the bathroom wall using cream. 


Source: Khaosod