Yingluck strolling around Covent Garden with former MPs

TWO video clips posted on the Facebook page of former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra show her strolling around London’s Covent Garden with many Pheu Thai Party members, INN News reported today (July 30, 2018).

This party’s MPs had flown to London to celebrate former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s birthday on Friday July 27, 2018.

In the first of the 2 video clips obtained from the Instagram “dear_khattiya” belonging to Miss Khattiyaa Sawatdipol, a former Pheu Thai party member, and posted on the Facebook page “Yingluck Shinawatra Forever,” the former prime minister said, “miss everyone. Today  I am taking young women for a walk at Covent Garden. Today the weather is good, yesterday it was very hot, it eased up a little today.”

In the second video clip, Khattiyaa asks Yingluck, “is the weather good?” Yingluck replied, “it’s good.”

In this video clip there are many former Pheu Thai Party MPs, including Mr Phonphum Wiphatphumiprathet ,with her.


Top and below: Yingluck with some former Pheu Thai Party MPs in London. Photos: INN News

Yingluck, former MPs in London