Yingluck used a Cambodian Passport to register business in Hong Kong.

The South China Morning Post has reported newly surfaced information that helps confirm how she left the country back in 2017. The sister of Thaksin Shinawatra and former prime minister of Thailand Yingluck Shinawatra used a Cambodian passport for business registration in Hong Kong. She is now currently the Director of P.T. Corporation Company, the company came into existence a year after Yingluck escaped from her procedure against criminal negligence in Thailand in 2017. As for the international relations between Cambodia and China, they are close allies with links in the fields of economy and military connections.




Suspicion arises when she left Thailand that the Cambodian Government issued her a Cambodian passport and perhaps the Cambodian border was the choice for her escape. The Cambodian government denied all doubts and re-confirmed the public eye that such passport was never issued to Yingluck. The answer has finally been found that she holds a Cambodian passport as corporate filings display information of Yingluck using such passport to become the sole director of a company named P.T. Corporation Company, where she has now been appointed as the chairman of Shantou International Container Terminals. P.T. company itself has not made it clear to what other companies and business does it engage in, but further documents reveal that Shatou is a port operator that is based in Guangdong.


Credit: Bangkok Post
Credit: Bangkok Post


There seems to be a strong base of the business in Hong Kong linked to the Shinawatra family, where there is another company holding the same name but provided with an address in Bangkok and was detailed to be the founding member of the company in Hong Kong. The family are also descendants from Southern China. The P.T. Corporation Company in Thailand is listed in Bangkok with the two daughters of Thaksin Shinawatra sitting as two of the major shareholders in the company with operations in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.


FB Caption:  Yingluck is now appointed as the chairman of Shantou International Container Terminals, a major port located on China’s eastern seaboard. 


Source: South China Morning Post