20 Million Thais addicted to buying lottery tickets

Thairath online reported that over 20 million Thais are addicted to buying lottery tickets. This includes legal lottery tickets sold on the streets and illegal underground lottery tickets. This information was discovered by Customer Insights by TMB Analytics. It is reported that 1 in 4 Thais will purchase both legal and illegal underground lottery at a yearly amount that is 3 times more than LTF and RMF purchases. This amount equals the cost of the new high-speed train project connecting three airports from Bangkok to Rayong at 250 billion THB.


Credit: Thairath
Credit: Thairath


Although both forms of the lottery are just as popular. It is important to remember that the money used in purchasing illegal underground lottery end up in the personal pockets of those with bad intention. The purchase of legal tickets that are commonly found at every corner and in front of 7/11’s will contribute towards the money of the state, used for public purposes.


A Thai saying that goes “The poor buy lottery and the rich buy shares”, is found out not to be true. Where over 50% of those with high incomes at 100,000 and more per month has an average of 14 lottery purchases annually. The average cost of tickets per high-income person that is addicted to both legal and illegal underground lottery is at 10,000 THB annually. TMB also discovered that despite having a much lower average income, the average ticket buyer will purchase tickets 12 times annually with an average cost of 4,500 THB.


Credt: Kachon
Credit: Kachon


Taking a deeper look into the habits of a rich person who is addicted to the game of chance reveal that the average money spent on tickets is 76% higher than their first lottery ticket purchase. The average income person who is addicted to lottery tickets spent about 42% higher since they started playing the lottery. Either Way, this represents the extreme addiction and expectation of luck and the connection with numbers, where many keep telling themselves that “the day will come”.


FB Caption: Those who are addicted keep telling themselves that “the day will come”.


Source: Thairath