90M THB lottery winner reveals all of it is now gone.

A woman who won 90 Million in the Thai Government Lottery in 2018 reveals all the money is now gone. Jae Oh the winner states even though she is not rich anymore, she is still living a simple and happy life. The Sanook news team visited Jae Oh at her home in Udon Thani Province on 4 February 2022. She was living with her ex-husband at the time of winning the lottery. The couple divorced 2 years after the big win and he died shortly after due to health issues. The winner stated after her ex-husband died she continued to live a simple life with her children and grandchildren. 


Credit: Sanook


Her daily activities include family time and visits to the temple. After winning the lottery dozens of men would try to approach her. Winning the lottery helped her live a more comfortable life. She would wake up and offer food to monks then visit her grandchildren who are twins everyday. She loves to garden and spend time with relatives. Her life was not easy before winning the lottery and she didn’t want to change. Jae Oh would go look for crickets for food and still does. When asked about her love life the winner stated she would rather choose family over romance. It is better to live life happily everyday simply with family. She already has true love which is the people in her life right now. She is thankful that her mother is still with her and now realizes that true happiness comes from giving. 



As for the future she hopes to help all her grandchildren achieve their dreams. It has been 4 years since winning 90 Million THB and the money is all gone. Jae Oh states she is an open book but chooses to not be on Facebook. She has no money now but is rich with happiness. Money is not the main importance in her life. The winner believes that her great luck comes from doing good in the past life. There is no other reason that can explain the miracle that took place in her life. She also considers everyday happiness a gift from her past doings. People still come asking for money from her everyday. She already has a lot of land and is not looking for more. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: 4 years after winning 90 Million THB the money is all gone, but Jae Oh reveals she is happier than ever with her family. 


Source: Sanook