100 tons of watermelons sold in 1 day, 3 THB per Kilo

A farmer went live online on 21 April 2020 selling watermelons for only 3 THB per kilogram. The farmer stated that the watermelons are being sold for so cheap because she needed to find the money for the farming costs and to pay the workers. Making just a little bit of money is better than no money at all, and the last option is throwing away all the watermelons. She is not the only one suffering, a lot of farmers in Thailand and others are facing the same problem with money invested and nowhere to sell the goods.


Credit: Sanook


Wirachayaporn 40 years old, the granddaughter of a watermelon farm owner in Sisaket Province revealed online that the Covid-19 situation has affected her family’s farm greatly, causing tons of watermelons to be leftover because there are no buyers. The watermelon farm is about 100 rai or about 39.5 acres, usually, the farm will sell ripe watermelons to buyers in front of their farm every day. The price is normally 6 THB per kilogram, watermelons in supermarkets are usually sold for about 50 THB per kilogram and the normal watermelon is usually at least 2 kilograms.


Credit: Sanook


Wirachayaporn knew that the family’s watermelons were going to be thrown away leaving behind debt for the family in unpaid bills. She made the decision to go live on Facebook under the username “Strong woman, iron heart” with the price of 3 THB per kilogram which is the cost price. The farmer received over 200,000 views while going live and overnight she soldout, the farm is now at a point where demand has turned out higher than the available supply. The farmer stated in another post “I received over 200,000 views in one night, watermelons all sold out. 100 rai’s worth of watermelons, over 100 tons of watermelons. Thai people don’t leave anyone behind, thank you so much. Keep on fighting”.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Covid-19 has affected the farm, the woman decided that going live was her best option left.


Source: Sanook