AK47 group arrested, 2 months with 500M circulating capital.

Police have found the AK47 group, this is an online gambling group that has been operating for only 2 months with over 500 Million THB circulating capital. Officials have inspected 3 locations connected to the website. 191 Police and other related officials with a search warrant issued by the Bangkok North Municipal Court went to search 3 locations suspected to be the operating bases of an online website. The first is a company in Bueng Kum District, Bangkok. The second location is a house also in Bueng Kum, and the third location is a house in Bang Phlat District. In the searches, officials found 116 computers, 31 monitors, 23 laptops, 259 air cards, 66 sim cards, 14 phones, 4 safes, 20 bankbooks, and 6 TVs. Police arrested 12 suspects, out of the number there are 3 men, 9 women, and 2 Burmese. 


Credit: INN News


The suspects admitted that they work as admins for the website. Their main jobs are to answer direct messages, withdraw money for customers, and to manage the gambling website. Customers are gambling lovers with many options of online gambling to choose from including baccarat, slot machines, sports betting, and more all using real money. Officials inspected the computers and found evidence including the database of over 6,000 members on the website. This includes their names, bank account information, private chats, and more. Over a period of 2 months, the AK47 group has circulating funds of over 500 Million THB. 


Credit: INN News


The website is extremely easy to use and a newcomer can have an account in minutes. The process of becoming a member, gambling online, and withdrawing the money is all done through programs. Humans are just to answer questions from members and to manage the websites. Online gambling is very popular in Thailand and new websites are coming out almost every day. Police are doing their best to hunt down those connected to the operation of such websites. Some of the Burmese suspects have also been found to enter the country illegally. 


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: AK47 has over 6,000 members joining in online gambling. With many options to choose from and good service, the website has become popular very quickly. 


Source: INN News