Beware of Fake Sim card scam 999 THB for unlimited internet all year.

Thousands of people have fallen for the fake sim scam, this is a scam that advertises the sale of sim cards that come with unlimited internet all year with a price tag of only 999 THB. Victim representatives gathered at the Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) to file a report on the case. There are at least 2,900 victims with damages accounting for over 9 Million THB. Teeraset Pattanawarawong from the House of Representatives and about 10 victims went to the CPPD on 3 February 2020 in hopes of finding those involved in the major fraud. The seller promised that the “god sim” in Thai comes with unlimited 10 Mbps internet and unlimited call time for 1 year. The sim card has been mainly sold on Facebook.


Credit: INN News


One of the victims stated that the Facebook page is named “Import Group”. The page sells many items but their most popular product is the God Sim card. The page regularly promotes a flash sale that offers a buy 1 get 1 deal for Sim cards from 2 major mobile networks in Thailand. There are similar sim cards on the market priced at around 1,500 THB per year. It is most fitting for those who have phones that support 2 sims; to continue using the yearly deal the phone number will also change with the sim card every time. Many victims saw that similar offers are being sold by the mobile networks and the 999 THB price caught their attention.



Victims transferred the money into the seller’s bank account but never received the sim card as promised. While some received sim cards that didn’t work as promoted. The customers are blocked by the page before they can ask any questions or request a money return. As more and more victims started showing up and commenting online, the page finally deleted the account and disappeared. Investigation revealed that the page was purchased from another user. It used to be a quote sharing page that started on 21 February 2017. The page had 30,000 followers, the god sim advertisement reached many people quickly.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: There are at least 2,900 victims with damages over 9 Million THB.


Source: INN News